Friday, June 10, 2011

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  • logiclife
    03-08 02:37 AM

    We are planning an organized way to raise our membership to a level of 10,000 plus members.

    I would like to invite motivated - "Fire in the belly" volunteers :) to help us with this effort. If you are one of the willing members please email me at so that I can send you what you need to organize this. Just send a blank email with subject line: "Membership Drive".

    Trust me, this is one of the most interesting ways you can help immigration voice. Also the most critical one. And it wont take much time from each of you during the day. Just a few minutes per day of your time can make a huge huge difference.

    Let's organize and team up...


    Update: 09-MARCH 11:39 PST :O


    This is as important as the fund raising. The same group of contributors cannot contribute all the time, please join the effort to bring more people in by signing up in the Membership drive. Just email me at so that I can send you a 5 page pdf document to get your started.


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  • ragz4u
    02-24 12:27 PM
    Thanks to gc_check for posting this info here (

    The pdf doc is here ( and the main stuff starts after page 181

    This is a really long document...but a few things that I glanced through are

    1) Advanced degree in STEM + 3 years work ex = no numerical limit
    2) Total EB category visa bumped up to 290,000
    3) Dependents not to be included in numerical cap

    All of this is good, but lets not get too happy so soon. Remember S.1932? We need to make sure that we keep the pressure on the lawmakers (who are pro-immigrants) not to budge this time in the conference committee. At the same time, we need to try and educate the anti-immigrant lawmakers that we are not ILLEGALs.

    Do your bit: Recruit friends to join IV, volunteer by contacting lawmakers etc and contribute. Together we can win!

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  • ita
    09-16 01:27 PM
    Hi palemguy,

    Could you please post or mail the # that you called to find out about your NC? Is it TSC/NSC?

    Thank you.

    Just got off the phone with customer service rep. I called them to know the status of my service request that was created 45 days ago. After some wait, one lady picked up my call. I asked her to check the status of my service request. She tried for 10 mins to pull up that info but she couldn't pull up because of some technical issues. She escalated my call to another level.

    One rep picked up my call.He seems to be nice and answered my questions. He said my case is under review as of 8/21/2008. When I asked him to see whether my name check is cleared or not, he said it is still pending as of now. FBI name check was initiated on Sep 18, 2007 and it should expire on Nov 30, 2008. Before that they should get a response for name check.

    We gave our finger prints on Nov 2, 2007. How come name check was initiated on Sep 18, 2007? I am not sure whether i can believe his words?

    I have a soft LUD on 8/21/2008. According to CSR words, i can assume that case was assigned to an officer. But i am not sure about the name check process.

    Is any one got the similar response?
    Please share your thoughts on this


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  • coolgc
    05-08 01:41 PM
    My PD is 2006 (EB2-India). I have approved I-140 under eb2 category. My wife is in AOS status. I am planning to file new I-140 under EB1 (for which I am qualified). If for some reason, my I-140(EB1) gets denied, will that affect my I-485 under EB2? Please share your thoughts.

    Thank you and appreciate your reply.


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  • adde72
    06-30 10:58 AM
    and do it in PM. Someone asked is in a situation due to the attorney. He didn't seek or initiate LS.

    Keep it polite. Moderators, watch and close this thread, if it becomes rowdy here.

    If he can buy a Labor why cant the advise also ..this is a public forum for a cause - Retrogression - not for encouraging subtitution cases .

    Please dont answer any questions relating to that topic .Kick the guys out

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  • tcsonly
    07-16 03:47 PM
    Hi to all in this morass called Immigration to the USA,

    #1 I've got a suggestion : IF there is some way we can get through to someone intelligent (duh !) at the IT department of the USCIS, would that be of some help to check up on what's happening with the cases ?

    #2 My lawyer filed an I-140 in June of 2006 with a PERM labor of PD Dec '05. He filed it with a "copy" of the labor and case is still pending. In May he filed some paperwork with the USCIS about my case so that they (USCIS) would request a duplicate of the "original labor" from USDOL. All this sounds very complicated. I would like to know the experience of other people in a similar situation and what needs to be done to expedite this process ? My I-140 has been pending for more than a year .....

    Thanks !

    I believe USCIS has a confidentiality agreement with their employees and you donot want him to lose his job.



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  • sukhyani
    01-27 10:51 AM
    Birth Certificate didnt have my name and my stupid lawyer had not submitted the employment letter. We then submitted my parents' affidavit, school records and employment letter.

    Later on my case was transferred to National Benefits Center and now this interview.

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  • gk_2000
    08-03 09:50 PM
    Let me try to make a humble suggestion here - why don't you try writing a really short and direct letter, so that even the laziest guy cannot help but read it?

    For example:

    Respected Mr. Senator

    I would like to draw your attention to the bill <blah blah> which is very important from the point of view of people waiting in line to be legal immigrants

    I wish that you lend your valuable support to this bill as it will help eliminate the backlogs and delays in issuing green cards to people from retrogressed countries like myself. This is essential to ensure that all people are treated equally irrespective of their country of birth

    Even if he reads just the first para it will be clear who we are and what we want..

    Or call them up if possible


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  • logiclife
    03-09 12:39 AM
    Thanks to first few members who have volunteered to help with membership drive.

    Getting more and more people on board with immigration voice goes hand in hand with fund raising we need to broaden our base to have more voices and more dollars.

    IF you lose sleep over retrogression or backlogs, email me at so that I can reply back to you with a pdf file that will enable you to help us better.


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  • indyanguy
    06-07 03:08 PM
    I had sent my 485 app to Nebraska. However, the receipt number starts with WAC.

    Should I send the EAD renewal to NSC or CSC??

    Please let me know.


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  • chintsus
    08-15 02:05 AM
    My H1B visa expires on Sep 22nd of this year. I am going to file for an extension but the only concern i have is my passport expires in July 2010. Does the passport expiry date matter for the H1B extension process..i know that the visa procedure requires a passport valid for at least 6 months.

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  • EndlessWait
    04-12 07:12 PM
    Considering, if lobbying with $ is how things work here and it will help the govt. to fund the war, I've a great idea.

    Tell the lawmakers, we legal H1b highly skilled workers are willing to shell out $10K-$20K, if they can have a provision after I-140 to let us get I-485 Premium Processing. This fee, lets call it Premium processing GC fee, can help government in all the good ways.

    Paying this premium processing is giving government funds to support various things namely balance budget, fund the troops in war.

    IV should consider this seriously and debate.

    Say what???


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  • alterego
    06-21 10:27 PM
    You would be best served with the services of an experienced attorney in this area. This is a rather difficult situation. Any answers on this board are likely to be speculative. Some money spent in this critical juncture would be money well spent.
    From what I can see, you have 2 options, either to continue with your currently approved 140 and file for a 485 or get a new one and try to affix your PD from the old approved 140. Either way once you get to the 485 stage you should be more secure in things, and can then look to invoke AC 21 rules.

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  • LostInGCProcess
    11-12 01:58 PM
    Thank You for the information. But
    1) I have heard from someone that there is a statement on their website that the transit visa is required only if the stay is more than 10/20 hours.
    2) Where do they check for the transit visa? is it done while boarding into the airport in US or while entering into the German airport? If they find that we don't have a transit visa in Frankfurt airport, what would they do?

    Please answer to my questions, this is really needed for me to act on getting the transit visa.

    If you can type a question in this forum, then, I guess, you could also do the research by yourself and let us all know about it. If you heard from 'someone', please ask him/her to send you the link and post it here. Thanks.

    Most nations do not require a transit visa as long as you are remained in the Airport and changing planes to your destination. If you decide to take a break for few days, then you need a Transit visa, which you can either get prior to your travel by contacting the respective consulates or Embassies or at the transit airport.


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  • bbct
    04-16 11:21 AM
    That really sucks.

    They (USCIS) take ages to work on our case and when they request something they don't give enough time to respond and even ignore genuine hardship.

    I pray sincerely things work out for you. Good luck!

    bbct & vin13,

    Thank you both for your replies! We are trying to figure out what to do.
    She is travelling with our twins and my father. Seems like there is no way other than for her to do a flying visit or to prepone the trip for everybody.


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  • theoyilma
    09-10 01:01 PM
    Thanks sbmallik

    If I was already on H1B right now, I know I would be able to extend my H1B visa until I get my green card. But, right now, I am on TN visa. And also I have finished the 6 years quota on H1B. So, I was just wondering if I can apply again for H1B. I have been on TN visa for about a year and half. I was just wondering, the fact that I haven't been on H1B visa for more than a year, would qualify me again to apply for H1B.

    Thanks again!!



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  • newyorker123
    09-27 09:21 PM
    Recently I filed FOIA for the complete set of documents on my I-485, becaz my employer didnt share any documents with me.
    Now I got my I-140 application and Receipt Notice and all the documents submitted for I-485, but there is no I-140 approval notice, is anyone out there filed FOIA just to get the I-140 approval notice? or should I file I-824 to get the I-140 approval notice?

    Contributed $200 towards advocacy.

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  • senram
    01-20 05:06 PM
    I am speculating this. Elite people in USA predicted this situation in early 90s and they put Country quota. We all knew that countries like UK, Germany, France are Staunch Allies of USA for many decades. So USA did not want those country persons to wait years . India was least favored country in past due to many political reasons. Though it is changing now still USA may like to give preference to many of their close Allies. Canada had TN Visa but India does not have similar thing. If this is a speculation then it is possible to change Country Quota. I strongly believe that it is easier to increase GC quota or recapture bill than removing country quota.

    At this rate...after couple of years the GC backlog will only be restricted to EB-India

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  • nkavjs
    09-25 02:12 PM
    me 2

    02-12 08:50 PM
    Sorry, if this seems off-topic.

    I'm on H1B visa and my wife is on H4 visa. We file our taxes as a joint return. My wife is currently studying for MS. She has received in-state tuition fees. We received 1098-T from the university. I'm thiking about getting a lifetime learning credit which will reduce my tax bill. My questions are:

    * Are people on H1/H4 allowed to take lifetime learning credit for graduate studies?
    * Will this have any negative effect on our greencard in the future?


    We have used it. I don't see any negative effects to green card. You are resident for tax purposes.

    02-25 05:39 PM
    The title of this thread should be: "God of Cricket".

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    I think that 'Sir Don Bradman' should be called Australia's 'Sachin Tendulkar' :rolleyes:

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